Road Safety Week 17th-23rd November

Road Safety Week 17th-23rd November

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Road Safety Week Today marks the start of Road Safety Week, the UK's biggest road safety event. Founded by Brake in 1997, Road Safety Week encourages communities (including businesses, schools and local authorities) to get involved in raising awareness about road safety and to educate people on the steps they can take to prevent needless injuries and deaths to road users. This year's theme is 'Look Out For Each Other', and was developed from the idea that a simple lack of consideration and care can have awful consequences. People have suffered horrific, life changing injuries or have been killed because a driver has been going too fast, too close or from simply not looking properly. As a result of this, people feel that they are less able to get out and about in their communities, whether it is walking to school, cycling to work or just getting out for some fresh air and exercise.

Did you know?

  • Every 30 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash.
  • 75% of cyclist collisions in Britain occur at, or near, junctions.
  • 'Passing too close' was a contributory factor in 19% of fatal cyclist collisions in Britain between 2005-2007.
  • Serious and fatal pedestrian collisions increase 10% in the 4 weeks after the clocks go back.
  • In Warrington, Cheshire, a trial of 20mph speed limits found pedestrian & cyclist casualties dropped by 36%.

So how can you help?

  • Reduce your speed down to 20mph in communities.
  • Take longer looking, and go slowly, at junctions and bends.
  • Give people plenty of room.
Pedestrians & Cyclists:
  • Don't take chances - you may think a car has time to break when you dash across the road...but do they?
  • Make sure that you can be seen - especially as the evenings are getting darker, it is harder for motorists to spot you. Make sure that you wear reflective gear and have lights on your bikes.
If we all get involved and make it our issue, then together we can make the road a safer place.   Are you getting involved with Road Safety Week? Let us know in the comments below!