Read all about it – Car Audio Centre is a Major JL Audio dealer!

Curtis nan |

Did you know that Car Audio Centre is now one of the foremost suppliers of JL Audio stock in the UK?

JL Audio is one of our most popular premium brands, with the American-made products taking pride of place alongside our other top sellers from Focal and Dynaudio. Car Audio Centre is committed to providing the biggest and best possible range of premium car audio products, and that’s why we’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds in JL Audio stock over the past 12 months. JL Audio is a true market-leading brand, principally known for its high-end subwoofers but also offering a huge range of other speakers, amplifiers and accompanying accessories. We’re delighted to report that this commitment to quality from all parties has been reflected in record sales of JL Audio stock over the last year here at Car Audio Centre. It’s a partnership we expect to bear fruit for many years to come. Our prices start from £60 and go all the way up to £1499.99 for top of the range products. We have a massive selection of JL Audio products in stock, so why not head over to Car Audio Centre and pick up some of the best car audio gear on the market today – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.