Prices Set To Rise in 2022 Thanks to Brexit Triple-Whammy

Curtis nan |

Whichever way you voted in the Referendum, there’s no denying that Brexit has – so far – caused retailers a series of massive headaches. Many companies have seen huge increases in their admin load due to the new rules around customs declarations, and in some cases this has led to a decline in productivity. The highly publicised shortage of lorry drivers – an inevitable consequence of the end of free movement across the Channel – is still a huge problem. European logistics firms are turning away from the UK and looking elsewhere for business and many drivers are retiring or switching careers. In addition to these broader issues, the electronics trade is being affected by a significant supply chain problem. The industry is currently suffering from a shortage of semiconductors – one of the crucial components that makes any electronic product function. Electrical components have a limited lifespan and it’s vital that manufacturers are able to keep producing and distributing high quality replacements. The industry is clearly facing a challenging time, but how will this impact you, the consumer? Inevitably, prices will rise in 2022 as retailers seek to make up the shortfall in revenue caused by this Brexit-flavoured triple-whammy. But never fear. Car Audio Centre remains committed to providing consumers with the best quality car audio systems at the most attractive prices. We are proud to offer our customers great value for money, and despite the challenges we and many other companies are facing right now our commitment to quality will never waver.