Porsche 911 Cutom Subwoofer enclosure

CAC Admin |

This is a custom built enclosure for a Porsche 911 (996 series). It has been built to fit on the "parcel shelf" behind the back seats. The “L” shape has been created to fit the shape of the shelf and maximize the internal volume without going to the cost of a fiberglass enclosure (even Porsche drivers have budgets!) It will enclose 3 of the Inphase 8" XT8's-selected for their size and sound quality. Running 3 together allows a high output (1500Wrms!) and allows us to run all 3 in parallel to achieve a 1.3ohm impedance-highly favoured by today's compact digital amplifiers! The job should be completed next week, so more pics to follow (including the fitting of a double din sat-nav into the same car) 911 (996) Custom Box, front view911 (996) Custom Box, side view