New range of Power Caps in this week:

New range of Power Caps in this week:

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Power capacitors or stiffening capacitors are used to assist a car that has a problem with dimming lights (voltage sag) or to help tighten up the bass. These capacitors store a large amount of power and then release it very quickly when the demand is the greatest from the amplifier. These capacitors release the current much faster than a battery can and do not force the amplifier's power supply to be at a loss (due to a voltage drop) when bass notes and other transients are greatest. Capacitors should be chosen in the ratio of one Farad per thousand watts max or 500wrms.


1 Farad Cap, pictured, suitable for 500Wrms/1000WMAX £39.99

2 Farad Cap, suiatable for 1000Wrms/2000WMAX £59.99