“It’s a Volvo”

CAC Admin |

Those words probably didn’t send a jolt a fear through you, but to any car audio professional it’s a nightmare inducing phrase. Not because it’s a bad car, by all accounts, most Volvo's are pretty nice. Even the speakers are pretty good – so why do car audio fitters and specialists everywhere pull a face like they’ve just smelled something rotten at the very mention of one? Unfortunately, Volvo owes its sound quality to a small amplifier – usually under the front passenger seat – powering it’s speakers. When you approach any installation specialist with a Volvo, they will most likely give a sigh or resignation and then consult a book (or website) full of parts. The problem is not that the systems are bad, they’re just awkward. Sometimes in car audio, the customer just doesn’t have the information we need. If I ask you if your car is half amplified, fully amplified, has a high-performance or low-performance system then 90% of the time you just don’t know. Don’t drive a Volvo? They’re not the only troublemakers; Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and even some BMWs are guilty of this amplified fibre optic nonsense that plagues fitters up and down the UK. My best advice to all drivers out there is to come and see us. The best way for us to get exactly what you need is to look at the vehicle. So why not pop in to see us if you’re in Birmingham, Leicester, London, Manchester or Nottingham. We’re always happy to help.