How I Got a Free Road Angel Dashcam!

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How I Got a Free Road Angel Dashcam!

Our team member Daniel has done a quick write up on his experience with dashcams and insurance premiums.  As a young driver car insurance has always been a big worry for me! So when I got my new car earlier this year I was not looking forward to the insurance bill. £3,000, £3,199 and £2,900 was some of the lower priced quotes I was getting. Of course, we all like to shop around and get a good deal, so I rang a few providers. Aviva, Direct Line, Adrian Flux, LV and a few others. Its a good job I did!

So, how did I get a Free Road Angel Dashcam?

An insurance provider gave me a quote that was more reasonable, but I thought "hang on, I have a Road Angel Halo Pro, which records 24/7, protecting the car, and the best speed camera detector, The Road Angel PURE protecting my licence" Once I mentioned this, the quotes dropped by up to 50%! YES up to 50% That a saving of £1,450 on one quote for a product which cost £199. Now that is a no brainier! I don’t know if they offer the same discount for other brands and models such as Nextbase 522GW, Thinkware F770 or Blackvue DR750S But I'm sticking with my ROAD ANGEL HALO PRO dash cam! Best value for money in the maze of dash cameras on the market. So in summery, that is how you get a free Road Angel dashcam! If you’re looking for a new dashcam, view our full range today.