Five essential mobile accessories every car owner needs

CAC Admin |

There is no getting around the fact that our habits in cars have become much more sophisticated as mobile technology has boomed. However, making the best of this is hard and it can be easy to fall for gimmicks that won’t catch hold rather than genuine mobile-enhancing accessories. In an effort to give you a starting point, the following are five proven accessories that you shouldn’t be without. 1. Bluetooth hands-free kits Obeying the law couldn’t be easier now. Bluetooth hands-free kits allow you to control your phone and music while driving and are a must-buy if you have to use tech on the go. There really is no excuse not to have one. 2. Wireless headsets Particularly useful for motorbike users, wireless headsets offer the convenience of Bluetooth kits without taking up the same amount of space. Coming in a range of single or dual headset systems, staying safe while keeping in touch has never been easier. 3. Solar chargers Going environmentally friendly doesn’t just mean a hybrid car. Find a solar charging kit and get something discreet that still leaves you able to use your phone effectively on the move. Combining the benefits of a hands-free phone with no charging cables and eco-benefits offers an alternative glimpse to current integrated technology. 4. Multi-media stereos If you love your music on the go, then finding a smartphone compatible stereo is a natural step to take. Able to plug-and-play a variety of smartphones without giving up normal stereo functions, these are a great complement to your music collection. Ideal for getting the most from your music without the need for endless fiddling, they offer great value, and versatility, for your money. 5. Spare parts It’s not ideal, but batteries die without warning, cases go missing and cables are a law unto themselves. Keeping a small stash of extra essentials means you have a safety net just in case. A spare case or cover, a charging cable and if you’re really cautious, a spare battery, should all be packed away for common sense.