Dension IVA iPod video playback through OEM or aftermarket screens

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Dension IVA

Part no. IPG1CR0

Dension IVA (iPod Video Adapter) enables you to watch videos from your iPod or iPhone on a separate screen, either in a vehicle or at home, while providing charging to the iPod or iPhone. Connect The iPod or iPhone connects to the 9 pin connector with the  iPod dock cable provided. IVA has four RCA connectors providing audio and video output.
  • Yellow: composite video (two connectors)
  • White: left audio
  • Red: right audio
IVA can use three different type of DC power sources.
  • Cigarette lighter DC connector for removable istallation in the car
  • Fixed DC connection for permanent installation in the car
  • Standard DC connector for home use
Control The playback is always controlled from the iPod or the iPhone through the click-wheel or touch screen. Functionality The IVA acts as a composite video-splitter providing the same video output on its video RCA connectors. If your iPod or iPhone can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, you can also watch YouTube (or other similar) videos, free-view.TV and other video content on the internet on your external displays. IVA main picture
IVA in the  rear monitor