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DB Audio T-Rex6.2C 150 Watts component speakers

DB Audio TRex6.2C

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review Best speakers I've ever owned 5/12/2010 5:30:42 AM
review by: Steve Whitby
I had these fitted at the Car Audio Centre in Birmingham into my 1989 Mazda MX5. They're running passively off an Inphase IPA1041 4ch amp-until I can afford a Pioneer DEH-P88RS to run them actively!The sound quality is quite astounding, really clean and detailed but with a huge amount of bass for some 16.5cms-the guys did sound deaden my doors to help with the bass and midrange out put and reduce unwanted panel distortion and colouration. I recently went back to the store as I thought I had a problem with the speakers-on Michael Jackson's Billy Jean i noticed that the sound from the simbals was different from the left tweeter to the right so i asked them to investigate it: Greg the manager came out and had a listen and agreed the sound was different from both tweeters and his engineer stripped down my door to have a look and see if they could find a problem. cross over was ok, so they assumed a fault with the tweeter and swapped it-"PROBLEM" still there! this had Greg and Sud slightly baffled (me too) so they quickly swapped my RCAs around so the right chanel played thru the left and vis-versa. The "PROBLEM" moved sides-it was only then we all realised that the simbal sounds from left and right were different and I'd not noticed this before on any speakers I'd ever used! These speakers have revealed details in my CDs that I have never noticed before, the midrange clarity is excellent and they maintain this clarity even at the high levels needed in a convertable-something my Infinity Kappas struggled with in my RS Turbo! These really are a great set of speakers and I'd recomend them to anyone!
*Please note I don't listen to Michael Jackson-so had no idea the symbals used on the track were different on the left and right channels until we auditioned it through the DB Audio's that is! Steve, having loved the track for years SHOULD have known this-unfortunately the inferior speakers he'd used previously hadn't REVEALED ALL THE DETAILS as the DB Audio's do!