Budget car maker Dacia proving a hit with Brits

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More than 300 cars a week are being snapped up from car manufacturer Dacia in the UK alone this year, according to new reports.

Sales have also soared by more than 21% across Europe in that period. The manufacturer is owned by Renault and produces basic cars that come without many of the gadgets associated with modern vehicles.

As a result they are significantly cheaper and it goes some way towards explaining the popularity of the vehicles, as Dacia have sold 260,000 cars in the EU this year, 45,000 more than in 2012.

The figures come from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and come after Dacia only launched on UK shores in January 2013.

Meanwhile figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that 15,099 of those sales occurred in Britain – representing 6% of all Dacia sales across Europe.

The lure of bargain motoring is obviously very appealing to British motorists, who are snapping up these vehicles on a regular basis despite their lack of amenities such as car stereos.

Room to choose your own in-car entertainment

Dacia saw sales jump 31% in November of this year compared to 2012 and figures suggest this trend is unlikely to let up any time soon.

It is interesting to note that basic Dacia models do not include car stereos, although the wiring is in place should someone wish to add one.

This means that accessories for the cars can be purchased at relatively cheap prices, while it’s possible to fit a sound system into the car should a driver wish to.

Many motorists seem to be lured by the appeal of cheap vehicles such as the Dacia, Seta and Skoda which all saw healthy growth in 2013.

Others are opting for the more high-end brands such as BMW and Jaguar as the middle ground appears to be stagnating.

The entry-level models are all basic, as the cheapest Sandero is only available in white and lacks any additional accessories.

However, with the options in place to change that, suppliers such as the Car Audio Centre can provide all sorts of equipment to meet your car entertainment needs.