Astra H front door speakers

Astra H front door speakers

CAC Admin |

We had a customer approach us asking to add an under-seat woofer which wouldn't fit due to the Astra having low seats

so we went for a different approach we changed the front door speakers for the INPHASE XT 6 inch component kit which are a brilliant set of speakers, we had to use connects2  door speaker spacers CT25vx01 these work for most of the vauxhalls and many other cars they are mostly universal.

also i told the customer that dynamat would be a great way to keep that mid bass feeling instead of loosing it all in the vibration of the door and its panel so we applyed dynamat and fitted a inphase ipa601 in the spare wheel well to boost the volume and quality from his doors

after putting everything back together everything looked factory just the way he wanted it, as if it was never there!