8 reasons you need reversing cameras for your car

CAC Admin |

A reversing camera mounted at the rear of your car can give a wide angle view of what's behind you. The image is transmitted to a screen mounted on or in your dashboard and can be a great aid to reversing. Here are eight reasons why you need reversing cameras for your car:   1. Avoid expensive prangs A reversing accident is more likely to prove an annoyance than cause serious damage but even a scratch or prang can prove very costly to put right. Even if you have fully comprehensive insurance you are likely to have an excess and any claim will push future premiums up, meaning it might not be worth claiming on your insurance. 2. You get more detail than a parking sensor A parking sensor beeps when it senses a hazard but a camera gives you a full view of what's behind you. The two systems can also be used in conjunction.   3. They make parallel parking easier Parallel parking is part of the driving test but, let's be honest, we're not all great at it. A reversing camera can make parallel parking a breeze.   4. You can squeeze into tighter bays If you've ever tried to squeeze a large car into a multi-story parking bay you'll know that they don't always give you much room. Used in conjunction with your wing mirrors, a camera can allow you to squeeze into tight spaces more safely.   5. See what's underneath you You should always use your mirrors as well but a camera will allow you to see to ground level, whereas your rearview mirror is limited by the height of your rear window.   6. Many come with parking guides A lot of models will also provide digital parking guides, overlaying the view with the correct angles for you to follow in order to park safely.   7. They're relatively easy to install Most systems can be easily installed at home. If you're not confident about doing this however, most suppliers will do it for you.   8. Transfer to other vehicles Reversing cameras can be great for cars but you can also transfer them to other vehicles. They can be invaluable when fitted to a caravan or a large vehicle with blind spots.