Pioneer DEH-1500UB CD/MP3 Car stereo system, Android ready, Red Illumination

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Pioneer DEH-1600UBB Car stereo with CD/MP3 USB/AUX input
Key Features

Pioneer DEH-1500UB CD/MP3 Car stereo system, Android ready, Red Illumination

Pioneer DEH-1500UB Red Illumination car stereo 
Pioneer DEH-1500UB's built-in amplifiers produce pristine sound delivered at 4 x 50W of pure, proven MOSFET power. If that isn't enough, you can always use the RCA pre-out to hook up another stereo component, like a subwoofer or an extra amp for the rear speakers for example.

You can play tunes from traditional CDs or CD-R/RW, including MP3, WMA and WAV files.

If your music is stored on a portable device, like an iPod, Android smartphone* or USB stick, the front panel's illuminated USB and Aux-in give them a direct connection to your car speakers via the DEH-1500UB's sound system.
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Questions/Answers About This Product

Question: 28 October 2013

Hi there will this amp bridge to lower amount as have four 240 max watt speakers? Thanks Dave


hi there you can bridge this amp but with the amount of speakers you have you should use all four terminals to lower the risk of damaging the amplifier or your speakers, bridging an amplifier makes it more unstable

Question: 28 October 2013

Thanks for your answer but will this amp be ok for my speakers have 4 and they are 80-240? Thanks Dave


yes this amp would be fine for your speakers

Question: 12 November 2013

hi i have a 800w sub and 2 6x9 speakers in the parcel shelf will this power all 3?


yes it will power all 3.

Question: 13 November 2013

Hi I have got 2 vibe slick 1200watt subs in my car will this amp give me a good deep base


i would suggest this amp for what you want, lanzar vibe 427 VIBE427 4 Channel power amplifier 1200 watts peak power output MOSFET power supply

Question: 14 November 2013

hi i have a kenwood sub ( RMS 50-400 ) and a set of 6x9 ( RMS 100 ) speakers will this be ok to power all 3


looking at the spec your providing it should be fine but we would advise you to visit one of our stores so that they can check you set up and best advise the right amp for the sound you require

Question: 24 April 2014

Car: Fiat Punto - 1999-2005 -

i have a 3000W Vibe Space Twin port sub and 2 little 5 inch speakers, if i bridge 2 into the Sub. Will it power all three?


Hi You can run the subs on two channels and use the other two channels to power your speakers.

Question: 04 January 2015

Car: Ford Escort - <2001 -

Looking for an amp to power 6x9s and 2 coax in the front. Is it OK to wire straight into head unit to power all 4?will this amp be good?


hi there yes this is not a problem as long as they are all set up correctly.

Question: 24 November 2015

Car: -

Hi, do you have this amp in Northwood shop?


hi please give them a call they do keep a lot of amps in stock

Question: 09 February 2016

Car: -

Is the juice ja791 in stock to buy as I tried buying the juice ja591 n was out of stock even though website states in stock


Hi Sorry this is out of stock as its now a discontinued item, it has been replaced with the JA794 Listed below for you. JA794 - Illuminated Series 4 Channel 1500W Amplifier

Question: 22 February 2016

Car: VW Polo - 1998 - 2004 -

Would I be able to Connect the juice js10 1200 watt subwoofer to this amp without any problems?


yes you can use two of the channels in mono mode for the juice js10 without any issues

Question: 15 March 2016

Car: Vauxhall Astra - 1991 - 2004 -

Hi there I am trying to find a 4ohms 300 rms for my jbl sub 1000w I see this earlier and got advised on the cea is this in this if not is there much difference in it... thanx?


Hi, To run your JBL SUB we would reccommend a bridgable 2 channel amplifier, we have listed the one below to suit your subwoofer IPA1001 1000 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier

Question: 23 June 2016

Car: BMW Mini (R56) - 2001-2006 -

Hi there, I am looking at purchasing this item the juice ja791, the alpine spg-17cs (front) and spg-69c2 (back) for my car and was wondering if you would fit all of these in the car? Thanks


Good morning The Ja794 is the current model of that product so we would reccomend that. As for install costs and speaker reccomendations please call or visit your local store for expert advice on what would suit your vehicle and budget. JA794 - Illuminated Series 4 Channel 1500W Amplifier

Question: 05 July 2016

Car: Toyota MR2 - 2000-2006 -

can I run just 2 speakers from this amp, if so what rating should they be .thanks


Hi, yes you can wired up only 2 speakers on this amp, depends how do you want to wire the amp. Max Power Output 4 x 300w @ 4Ohms 4 x 375 watts @ 2 Ohms 2 x 750 watts @ 4 Ohm (bridged)

Question: 23 July 2016

Car: Saab 9.5 - 1997-2005 -

Hi Does this amp take high/speaker level inputs? Thanks Steve


Hi Steve Yes it does have high level input.

Question: 27 July 2016

Car: BMW -

I have a pioneer ts w311, will this be too much power for this sub?


Good morning, That amp will be fine just bridge the rear chanels to run your subwoofer and run the others for your front speakers or if your looking for a sub amp have a look at JA1801D. Thanks

Question: 23 August 2016

Car: Vauxhall Corsa - 2000-2006 -

Can i run 4 speakers and an amp with this


Hi, thanks for your question, yes you should be able to run your speakers & a subwoofer with this amp.

Question: 17 September 2016

Car: Renault Clio - 2000 > -

Will this amp be a good match for my infinity 9623i speakers that are 2ohm 300w Max rms?

Question: 03 November 2016

Car: Renault Clio - 2000 > -

Hey is the input RCA ?and would this be able to run pioneer TS-A132Ci front speakers and then 4 rear speakers at 150wt ?


Good afternoon Sorry about the late reply yes the ja791 will run your speakers fine and it has rca inputs. JA791 4 Channel 1500 Watts Power Amplifier Compact Design

Question: 22 December 2016

Car: Rover MG ZS - <2005 -

Hi, I have two rear speakers and two door speakers that I want to replace and hopefully connect with this amp. If it's ok, what speakers can I team up with the amp? Thank you


Good morning. The spg 17c2 and 17cs range would be good. A better set would be the xtc6cx and xtc 17.2

Question: 29 January 2017

Car: Rover MG TF - <2005 -

Hi there, would this amp power 270watt front components (Vibe) and a small 300 watt sub (Raptor 6)? Many thanks.


yes it would the newer version that is available is the following product JA794 - Illuminated Series 4 Channel 1500W Amplifier

Question: 11 February 2017

Car: Seat Toledo - 2004> -

I have installed a kenwood dpx5000bt head unit at 4 x50 watt and have purchased 4 x 210 watt component speakers do i now need an amp to get the most out of my speakers


yes you would require an amplifier if you wish to get the most out of the speakers

Question: 06 March 2017

Car: VW Golf - 1998 - 2003 MK4 -

Hi i have this amp installed with juice components in front and rear. Can you confirm that the amp has a blue LED when fine and red with a problem? Trying to fault find, thinking blown fuse? Ta.


Hi, Thanks for your question, a blue light would dictate normal operation, red would indicate a possible issue.

Question: 13 March 2017

Car: Hyundai Coupe - 2001 > -

How many inputs/outputs does this have. I'm looking to replace my head unit with a tablet and amp so would need stereo input but need 4 outputs (front and rear) to power stock speakers.


Hi, Thanks for your question. The JA791 has 4 channels to power your front & rear speakers, one speaker per channel.

Question: 14 March 2017

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

Hi I'm looking to power 2x 150w and 4x 150w rear 6x9 wired in parallel. Will this amp serfice?


Hi, Thanks for your question. All depends on what speaker you are fitting, you can use this website ( ) to work out the total impedance and total watts, from there you can choose what amplifier you would need.

Question: 04 May 2017

Car: Ford Focus - 2004> -

Can I wire this Amp in line with my Sync 2 head unit and if so, what connectors do I need. Powering Alpine SPR60c/SPR60's?


Hi, thanks for your question, we have shown some parts below which contain all you need to fit your amp. In Phase Speaker to Rca Converter adjustable output gain JW81 1800 watts amplifier wiring kit Oxygen Free RCA Lead (5 metres)

Question: 10 August 2017

Car: Peugeot 206 - 2002 > -

hi im looking at getting this. would it power a set of kenwood 4' speakers at 100w 4 ohm. 6x9 4 ohm and a sub 4 ohm


Hi I would suggest going for two separate amplifiers. See the below models. JA794 - Illuminated Series 4 Channel 1500W Amplifier JA592 - Illuminated Series 900W 2 Channel Amplifier

Question: 11 August 2017

Car: Vauxhall Corsa - 2000-2006 -

I have alpine spg- 17cs component speakers with a peak power of 280w, will this amp be sufficient for them plus 2 coaxial speakers? Also will 10 gauge power cable be sufficient?


Hi You can use the JA791 to power your Alpine speakers. We would suggest using 8 gauge amp kit. JW81 1800 watts amplifier wiring kit Oxygen Free RCA Lead (5 metres)

Question: 04 September 2017

Car: Peugeot 206 - 2002 > -

Can I run 2 bridged 6x9 330w max @4ohms And 1 sub 700w max @4ohms


Hi, Thanks for your question, this can be done with this amplifier.

Question: 12 September 2017

Car: -

I've Installed a new head unit (Pioneer DEH-3900BT) and 4 new speakers (4" FLI Coaxial) Saldy I cannot turn the head unit past volume 35 without the speakers distorting. Would this AMP help


Hi, Thanks for your question, your stereo runs 4x50W output for your speakers which means if your new speakers are less than 50W RMS then you will get distortion. This means that your stereo is to powerful for your speakers, or......your speakers are not powerful enough....same thing. So...if you add an amp as will blow up you speakers full stop! Sounds like you may need some speakers that have a higher RMS power. If you had speakers that were over 50W RMS then your stereo would not be able to power them to their full capacity, THEN, you would need an amp to compensate for the power.

Question: 25 September 2017

Car: Renault Traffic - 2000> -

Hi guys I’m wanting to run 2x Pioneer GM-D8601 would this amp be more than capable of running these? Thanks brad


HI, thanks for your question, slightly confusing, you want to run two GM-D8601 amplifiers from a Juice 4 channel amplifier?

Question: 21 October 2017

Car: -

Just wanted to ask as I have spent hundreds in the past on ICE and wondered at a cost of just £59.99 is this amp the JA791 really any good. As I am considering buying one to power my JBL 6x9's.


you would be better with the ja592 to use for a set of 6x9's as it two channel and will split its power to both 6x9's

Question: 30 October 2017

Car: -

Rms per channel?


at a guess i would say 60watts, the only information we have is the information online

Question: 14 November 2017

Car: VW Polo - 2004 > -

Hi, I have a Pionner TS-W311S4 subwoofer and it has rms at 400W running at 4 OHMS would this amp work?


this amp wouldnt product 400w rms out of its channels, you would be better off with something like an ipa1001 IPA1001 1000 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier

Question: 10 December 2017

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

I have 4 two rear and two front morel door speakers 200watts each and one xplod sonny sub 1500watts Would this amp work as I’m on a budget, my head unit is a clarion V401


Hi This amplifier can work with your set up.

Question: 14 December 2017

Car: Saab 9.3 - 2004 > -

Hi,does this have high level inputs? Cheers Erin


hi, this amp doesn't, you could use an SRCApro

Question: 14 December 2017

Car: Saab 9.3 - 2004 > -

Hi, can i run 2 speakers @ 2ohm and 2 @ 4 ohm with this? Cheers


yes you can run the amplifier in 2 and 4 ohm

Question: 03 January 2018

Car: Ford -

Hi I have a ten inch 800 watt sub and 6-9 speakers will this power both ?thanks mike


yes this amplifier would work for the speakers and subwoofer you have

Question: 10 January 2018

Car: Seat Ibiza - <2008 -

Will these work with 4 Alpine SPG-17C2 240W speakers?


yes this amplifier will work fine with those speakers

Question: 13 January 2018

Car: -

I was wondering if this amplifier would work with my speakers. I have 2x, 6x9 FLI 125w RMS and 2x 6" FLI 85w RMS.


Hi You can use this amplifier to power your speakers. I would suggest the below listed amplifiers. IPA1041 1000 Watts 4 Channel Amplifier GM-D8604 Class FD 4-Channel bridgeable amplifier 1200watts

Question: 23 January 2018

Car: Ford Focus - 2004> -

Hi, Are there any hi level inputs on this Amplifier? Cheers.


hi, this amplifier doesn't have hi level input, you would need to use something like a SRCA pro In Phase Speaker to Rca Converter adjustable output gain

Question: 28 January 2018

Car: Proton -

Do you install? And if so what is the price. Just want a small amp in and not bothered about the factory radio changed. Thank you all😕


Hi Installation service is available at all our stores. Please contact your local store for installation quotes.

Question: 08 February 2018

Car: Fiat 500 - 2007> -

Will this amp work with a kicker e5 sub

Question: 27 February 2018

Car: Vauxhall Astra - 2004> -

whats a good sub to go with the juice JA791 4 Channel 1500 Watts Power Amplifier Compact Design


something like a js10 or js12 will run ok on that amplifier, i wouldnt recommend anything bigger as the amplifier being 4 channel is better suited to speakers, i would recommend a ported subwoofer box as they run easier on low power amplifiers

Question: 28 February 2018

Car: BMW 3 Series (E46) - <1999 (E36) -

Hi guys, I have already bought this AMP from yourselves, with Alpine SPG-17CS. I'm now looking to install an 8" juice subwoofer. Can all of this be powered from this AMP? Thanks Gareth


hi, yes the amplifier you have is a four channel so you have two channels you could bridge to connect the JS8 subwoofer in an 8" enclosure

Question: 12 March 2018

Car: Mercedes C - Class - 2007 > (W204) -

Looking to get this amp for my Merc, will the amp itself improve the sound with standard speakers, if not what speakers will be good with this amp, my car is a 2012 c class saloon?


is your Mercedes already amplified as some are! if your isnt amplified this amplifier will give you more volume and the ability to cap the speakers from playing bass, it will improve the sound quality slightly i would recommend you contact one of our stores and speak to one of the installers.

Question: 13 March 2018

Car: VW Golf - 1998 - 2003 MK4 -

Hi, I am looking to run a small 10" subwoofer and two rear speakers from this amp, can i bridge two channels for the sub and run a speaker from each of the others?


hi, yes you could do that with this amplifier

Question: 06 April 2018

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer - -

Hi would this amp work with 4xIn Phase XTC17.2 and 2xJuice JS10. Or do I need to purchase a seperate amp for the subs?


Hi You will need to purchase separate amplifier for the subwoofer.

Question: 26 April 2018

Car: BMW 3 Series (E46) - 2005> (E90) -

Hi will this fit in the under compartment in boot. Or what are the dimensions?


the dimensions are in the description on our website, please see the following link JA791 4 Channel 1500 Watts Power Amplifier Compact Design

Question: 20 May 2018

Car: Ford Focus - <2004 -

What awg cable on the ja791 as don’t want to have to change all mine for new one . Thanks


Hi You can use up to 4 gauge cable.

Question: 30 May 2018

Car: VW Golf - 1998 - 2003 MK4 -

Could I run 2 boss 350watt speakers and bassface 800 watt sub of this amp?


hi, this amplifier isnt really designed to run a subwoofer but if the subwoofer has a max rating of 800w it should be fine, if you bridge the subwoofer but make sure the ohm's is compatible

Question: 15 June 2018

Car: Land Rover Range Rover Sport - 2005 > -

could this replace my HK(not logic 7) amp


Hi it can be replace your factory amplifier. It will not be plug n play.

Question: 24 June 2018

Car: BMW 3 Series (E46) - 2005> (E90) -

Would I be able to run a 2x1200w sony xplod 12" subs. Total 2400w


Hi I would suggest you use the below listed amplifier. JA2401D Illuminated series - 2000W Mono Amplifier

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