Car Audio Security Car Audio and Car Theft Prevention Devices

The Car Audio Security Centre offer a wide selection of affordable car audio security alarms, GPS car security tracking devices and advance warning security radar sensors of Gatso, Truvelo and SPECS safety camera systems. Either purchase online or visit one of our stores near you.

Car audio Security – The Importance of Car Theft Prevention Devices

Car theft crime rate is dropping! – Perhaps this is mainly down to the standard fittings of car security alarms and security devices in most new build cars.

Car Alarms are the most effective form of car security and prevention to car theft and theft of personable items and car audio items from your vehicle.

For example, our Cobra range of car audio security alarms include Thatcham catergory 1 and 2 status immobilizers, ensuring maximum car audio security protection.

If your car is already fitted with an alarm but no immobiliser, don’t worry ! The Car Audio Security Centre has a range of approved car immobilisers and car audio security devices that can be integrated with your current alarm system.

Car Audio Security Centre are passionate about car security and are constantly keeping car audio stores up-to-date with the latest in car theft prevention technology.

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